Visitors & Accompanying persons


Unless restricted by medical advice, visits are permitted:
Hospitalisation: in single rooms from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., in other rooms from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. For outpatient treatment, ask the nurse.

Families may obtain information about the patient’s condition from the physician. They should contact the healthcare staff to find out the steps to take.

  • Visitors will be asked to leave the room during a physician’s visit or when nursing care is provided.
  • To ensure that patients get sufficient rest, visits should be kept as short as possible, without too much noise and limited to a maximum of two people.
  • At the patient’s request, healthcare staff may withhold information relating to their stay at the clinic or take steps to limit the number of visits.
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, visits are restricted to children over 10 years only.
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, visitors are requested to cleanse their hands using the alcohol-based handrub available in the corridors, and to postpone their visit if they have a contagious disease (flu, cold, gastroenteritis, etc.).

Accompanying persons

In the current health situation, please contact reception for information on the special procedures in place at the clinic.

An accompanying person may remain with the patient 24/7 (if the service is offered) in a private room subject to agreement by the healthcare staff and the physician. The accompanying person must respect the rules of the hospital unit (leave the room during medical visits, comply with meal times, etc.).
It is recommended for someone to accompany young children and people with mental or intellectual disabilities during their hospitalisation.

Accompanying persons may eat their meals with you in your room. Their meals must be ordered in advance and will be charged in addition to your stay.

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