Quality and risk management

The Victor Hugo Clinic is committed to a process of continuous improvement of the quality and safety of care, in line with the clinic’s medical strategy.

To ensure the continuity of the clinic’s activities to meet expectations in terms of patient safety and quality of care, we pursue a policy focused on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). In addition to regulatory certifications, the health professionals who work at the Victor Hugo Clinic create a real quality dynamic within the facility on a day-to-day basis.

The bodies responsible for implementing this policy monitor indicators, perform evaluations and take the necessary steps to improve patient care.

They include:

  • the Clinic Medical Board (CMB),
  • the User Committee (UC),
  • the Nosocomial Infection Control Committee (NICC)
  • or the Pain Control Committee (PCC).

Certification is an external evaluation procedure carried out by professionals outside the clinic. It is conducted every 4 to 6 years by the French Health Authority (HAS) with the objective of assessing the operations and practices of a healthcare clinic in order to guarantee the quality and safety of patient care and promote continuous quality improvement.

The Victor Hugo Clinic is certified in category B. The certification report is available on the website of the French Health Authority (HAS).

Several years ago, the French Health Authority implemented a series of indicators to measure the quality of care and the effective transmission of essential information between the clinic’s teams during your stay.

These national indicators cover several areas, including :

  • Patient records
  • Hygiene
  • Patient satisfaction

The results of the clinic’s national indicators are available at www.scopesante.fr

User satisfaction is measured as part of a general approach aimed at placing the user at the heart of the healthcare system. The involvement of user associations and the growing importance of quality within healthcare facilities contribute to raising awareness of the impact this measurement. Achieving user satisfaction is an integral part of improving the quality of care provided.

The Victor Hugo Clinic evaluates the satisfaction of patients and their families through hospital discharge surveys with a view to identifying potential problems and defining appropriate improvement actions (in conjunction with the User Committee).

Patient satisfaction
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Hospital discharge survey / results

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